Where’s the food truck?

One might think that locating a food truck or food truck park would be simple. Especially in this day-in-age where apps are a dime a dozen. In answering a Twitter friend’s request for food truck apps, I found it’s more challenging than I expected. The process does seem to be making strides. When you consider the number of possible locations, food truck chains, food truck parks, catering and innovative ways to market trucks, you might understand the difficulties.

Who and what

I’ll begin by looking at the who and what. Who owns food trucks? The answer can range from single truck owners, food truck chains, mom-and-pop restaurant owners, catering, even franchises such as Arby’s. Where do they fall in regards to type of business? In short, they serve as a tool which can begin a business or compliment an existing brick and mortar.

Depending upon who owns the food truck(s) and type of business model they are following, they could be part of an app. One website called Roaming Hunger serves as an agency to assist in marketing food trucks for the owners. Its multi-purpose, serving as a locator in 45+ cities in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, they are a self-described caterer, bringing together an assortment of trucks for private parties from birthdays to corporate engagements. Roaming Hunger touts an impressive list of companies such asĀ Apple, Amazon.com, Tesla, HBO, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Mercedes, Nike and many others.

It doesn’t stop there. In my recent podcast with Fast Casual’s Managing Editor, Cherryh Cansler we discuss the use at baseball games and at a wedding Cansler recently attended. Roaming Hunger makes those arrangements, in what they call an Elevated Food Experiences for concerts, food courts and school events (enter baseball game concessions). Finally, they cater for weddings, giving lucky couples a unique and memorable reception.

Fortunately for fellow Twitter friends, Roaming Hunger is one of several up and coming apps modernizing the food truck world.

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