About the show

The Vision

When a human being, such as a farmer or rancher, experiences an attack on their livelihood, family and/or legacy, it’s natural to jump on the defense. A defensive stance can also be the result of a legitimized fear, such as genetic modification. During the last five years, Jenny Schweigert, has watched the agriculture community deal with both sides of this fence and the gates in between.

In this time, Jenny has been humbled with the opportunity to meet farmers, ranchers, agribusiness professionals, dietitians and agriculture supporters from around the world. Their experiences, whether success, failure or frustration, provide a unique perspective.

The Keeping Ag Real podcast provides a portal to people involved in agriculture, those questioning agriculture and those enjoying agriculture. It’s packed with ‘how its grown’ experiences, discussing difficult topics and inspiring everyone to share their ag story.

The Approach

Keeping Ag Real began as a podcast, created a resource to highlight what is really happening in agriculture, in a how-its-grown point-of-view. Whether you are an avid listener of podcasts, YouTube junkie or prefer to read, Keeping Ag Real now has a way for you to get the goods.

From citrus processing managers to farmers and ranchers to the restaurant sector and new ag technologies, the show aims to showcase all of agriculture – the good, the bad and even the tough issues facing our industry. Additionally, she brings perspectives from outside of agriculture on topics such as real food, data, sustainability, buying decisions and family farming.