How are children in urban areas receiving ag education?

In the agriculture community, we often hear that someone needs to be teaching children about agriculture. In this segment, Chicago resident, Natasha Nicholes shares about the ag education students are receiving in urban schools. Consequently, its discovered that urban farms may not be teaching realistic, modern agriculture. Listen to find out more.

Time stamps:

  • 1:50-Investing in urban communities & background on Natasha Nicholes’ community garden
  • 2:33-Her husband says hits the brakes…a little.
  • 3:00-The cost of soil testing in Chicago limits
  • 3:50-Harry Connick Jr. raises the bed bar
  • 5:10-Kids motivating parents through urban farming
  • 6:10-Storytime
  • 6:45-Natasha’s seven year old begins a kid edible garden program at the famous Morton Arboretum¬†
  • 8:20-Morton Arboretum features childrens’ garden
  • 9:15-We Sow We Grow Facebook group
  • 10:45-Correlation between urban agriculture farms and the education children are receiving
  • 15:18-Who are the people behind urban farms?
  • 15:45-The missed opportunity

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